A unique grant making programme funding young peoples ideas

How it works
Youth Bank is a grant making programme run by young people for young people. It puts real responsibility into their hands through decision making about the allocation of small scale grant funds in their local area focusing on promoting active youth citizenship and youth community involvement. YouthBank was developed in Ireland and is now a global Youth Empowerment Programme. It Operates in 26 countries around the world with 200 Individual YouthBanks worldwide. Youthbank was initially funded by Ulster Bank. The programme is currently looking for 2014 corporate funding.

Who it helps
Young people all over Ireland aged 14 to 24 years are recruited, trained and appointed to act as grant makers in their communities. Youth Bank offers opportunities and experience otherwise unavailable to them in their community and family circumstances.
Youth Bank helps these young people in three vital areas, employability, personal development and community involvement.
• YouthBank experience helps with employment opportunities - CV Fuel
• Encourages both leadership skills and teamwork
• Tangible skills: Decision Making, Project Management, Interpersonal Skills, PR, IT, Enterprise, & Communication Skills, Financial Literacy
• Teaches Interview Skills
Personal Development
• Builds self-esteem and confidence
• Challenges young people in their personal development
Community Involvement
• Opportunity for young people to become respected and empowered in their local community - Youth Kudos
• Promotes volunteerism

The difference it makes
Over 850 projects have been funded by Youth Bank since 2006. There are currently 18 YouthBanks across the Island of Ireland with 1,200 grant makers.
Over €500,000 has been invested in local community projects benefiting over 10,000 people in areas such as sport, entrepreneurship, environmental activities and creative arts
.Since 2011 140 young people have been awarded with Open College Network Award, level 2 in grant making.
Young people who take part in Youth Bank are given the opportunity to move into new roles and take on new responsibilities:

“It is a whole different aspect of your life from going to school. It’s like a break from your normal routine. It’s a challenge to yourself and the fact that you can see the impact on the community.” Paul Youth Bank Ballina
“Youthbank gave me the confidence to go on and study accountancy in college” Carol Youth Bank Carlow

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