One For Ireland

Massive Thanks to everyone who took part in One For Ireland

We want to thank everyone that took part in One For Ireland. Big thanks to the Irish rugby team for taking time out of their training session to get involved with us. All your donations will make a big difference in our fight against youth homelessness in Ireland. Keep an eye out for updates in the coming weeks!

This campaign is specifically targeted at tackling the problems associated with youth homelessness, which has now reached crisis level with over 1,700 children and young people in emergency accommodation. This number of has gone beyond shocking, however the speed at which this number is increasing is even more alarming. Being without a secure home affects children acutely, and creates a unique set of problems, in addition to those faced by their patents. Some of these are:

- Constant moving from one to temporary accommodation to another dissociates young people from their friends, separates them from their extended family and interrupts their education. This leads to isolation and feelings of dislocation and regression, and puts the young person even further on the margins of society.

- Child Safety – Hostels, B&Bs and emergency accommodation are not subject to standards of child safety, leaving the young people at risk from other residents.

- Research has shown those who experience homelessness at a young age are far more likely to become homeless as adults.

In response to this crisis Irish Youth Foundation, through One For Ireland is asking everyone in Ireland to donate €1 on the 29th April by giving and extra euro with their purchases in shops on the day. The funds raised will be distributed in the form of grants to projects in nine separate regions of Ireland which have the greatest impact in each area (run by our partners e.g. Focus Ireland, The Simon Community, St Vincent de Paul, and the Peter McVerry Trust). This is the first time that the four key homeless organisations have come together under one umbrella appeal.

Take a look at the volume of Retailers that took part in One For Ireland:

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