Children’s Hour

Just one hour of your pay will brighten their day.
By donating just one hour of your yearly salary,
you can help us support youth groups around the country who need our help.

Each year we at the Irish Youth Foundation ask companies and their employees around Ireland to donate one hour of their salary to raise money to help vulnerable and at-risk children get the care and love they need as part of our Children's Hour campaign. It's just one hour, on one day, of one year, to help children who have to deal with very difficult and challenging home lives often experiencing the effects of poverty, parental alcoholism, drug addiction, abuse, and mental illness. The money raised through Children's Hour is distributed to voluntary and community groups all over Ireland who work with these kids to give them a better life.

Every year we ask youth clubs, projects and groups to send us in their wish for the year, and we hope with you and your colleagues help - we can make every wish a reality! Here is the map of the wishes that we received last year Map of Children's Hour Wishes . We encourage everyone taking part to pick a wish that resonates with them, be it a cause you support or a local group close to the office, and we'll make sure the funds go directly to that program.

Any size donation really does help so even if you think only a few people in the office would be interested in participating, we’d still be delighted to have you on board. If you’d like to confirm participation or find our more please visit our Children's Hour Website

Childrens Hour