Renault Ireland, in partnership with the Irish Youth Foundation, today handed over the key card to a brand-new 171 Renault Trafic 9-seater minibus to Inchicore’s Core Youth Project, to help get their new outdoor programmes on the road.

Previously known as St Michael’s, the Core Youth Project was established in 1986 in response to poverty, lack of recreational opportunities and substance misuse in the youth population of St Michael’s estate and the larger Inchicore area in Dublin. The project’s aim was to provide youth interventions, activities and developmental groups and supports, as well as ongoing broader recreational and developmental activities for the wider youth population.

The brand new Renault Trafic minibus is a welcome addition to the organisation’s services, as it will contribute significantly to a new programme which encourages young people to travel outside of the area and provides them with diversionary activities which are not centre-based, and are high in energy and adrenaline. This project also enables staff at the Core Youth Project to develop relationships with young people away from distractions in the community, and promotes alternative lifestyles and fitness.

Liz O’Gorman, Marketing Manager, Renault Ireland, said: “We are thrilled to be able to support such a great organisation which does amazing work with the young people of Inchicore. We hope the minibus will help in getting the new programme ‘on the road’, and we wish the Core Youth Project every success. Safe and happy driving from all at Renault Ireland!”

Thomas McCarthy, Community Youth Worker at Core Youth Project, said: “On behalf of the young people of Inchicore, we are delighted to receive this bus from Renault Ireland. This bus better enables us to respond to the needs of young people, and will help us to develop our outdoor educational programmes to engage more young people in new experiences. We would also like to thank the Irish Youth Foundation for helping to make this happen.”

Niall McLoughlin, CEO Irish Youth Foundation, said: “The best that we can do for our children and young people is to help them to achieve their potential in life. This remarkably generous gift from Renault Ireland provides a very practical example of how this can be achieved. The minibus will allow the Core Youth Project to introduce the young people of Inchicore to new activities and perspectives outside of their own neighbourhood and community. Sincere thanks to Renault Ireland who have a long tradition of supporting the Irish Youth Foundation.