12 February 2013
Results Dublin

1. LGBT Ronanstown - Funding to set up the first LGBT group in Ronanstown Youth Services

2. Bru Youth Services ‘ Lost Generation’ Crumlin - Funding for a political mural and documentary which shows young people’s struggles in Ireland within education and employment. The idea is to encourage young people to fight against being the ‘Lost Generation’

3. PAKT Legends ‘Live On’ Tallaght - Facilitating yoga classes for older people in local nursing home. Yoga will take place one evening a week this will be followed by a Family Event to share information with other young people and parents

4. Mulhuddart Foroige - A leadership Summer Programme run by young people for young people. This will take place in the form of a one week summer project for 50 young people aged 10 to 12 years old

5. Cultural Exchange 24 ‘Rua Red’ Tallaght - Cultural Day to celebrate arts and media in their community which involves a book exchange , musicians.

6. Funday Sunday ‘The Den Centre’ Finglas - A Funday Sunday for young people in Finglas as there is nothing for young people to do on a Sunday as the youth centre is closed

7. Teenage Girls Basketball Club - Funding for the setting up of the only girls basketball team in Dublin 15 keeping girls off the street & promoting health and fitness

8. Cricket in the Community-Dublin 8 - A Cricket day focused around ‘smiling’ and making friends with all the different cultures and nationalities living in the community. Through the sport of cricket they aim to break down the barriers to people mixing and making friends and to reduce racism

9. St. Andrews Film Project- Pearse Street Dublin 2 - To develop a film club to enable the young people of the Pearse Street area to talk about issues affecting their lives through film

10. Finglas Music Collaboration Project - Bringing young musicians together to collaborate and learn how to record music which expresses themselves as young people in their community. They plan to record a CD at the end and have a celebratory event.

11. Family Fun Activity Day Eastwall - Young people want to take part in a residential leadership training course in the Cavan Centre to gain the skills to run a family fun activity day in their local community in Fairview Park

Results - Belfast

1.Clonard Outreach - A week long active citizen programme for young people 16+ in July

2.Cross Community Summer Camp- Glanworth - A cross community leadership camp between Catholics and Protestants in the area.

3.Bear Grylls - They will bring 15 young men into the Sperrin Mountains to camp and live off the land! It will take young people out of their comfort zone and place them in a situation where they will learn leadership, survival and mentoring skills. No phones!

4.Willowfield- Girls on Tour - Taking 15-20 girls away for a weekend in June. These girls come from disadvantaged backgrounds and this weekend would give them the opportunity to talk about issues that effect them with particular emphasis on self esteem.

5.Holy Trinity - Train 15 young people in OCN Level 1 and 2. These young men are from Upper Springfield/Whiterock which is deemed to be the most deprived electoral ward in NI. The young men have experienced alcohol, drug and anti social behavioral problems. These training programmes will empower them and give them confidence to go on and further their education/employment opportunities